Stop, Im Blushing!

Hey guys!

I just got home from a work trip to Edmonton where the only thing in the air is frozen snow and -23 temperatures. That being said, I could not be more grateful to come home to Vancouver where nothing but Spring and the occasional raindrop is in the air!

Spring gets me excited about multiple things:

  • the amount of tulips I purchase
  • the thought of baby animals popping into the world
  • patio season being THAT much closer
  • pastel colours entering my wardrobe

Today, as much as I would love to chat about baby animals popping into the world, let’s focus on point number four- pastel colours entering my wardrobe (specifically blush!)

My love for blush has grown so much that I would almost consider it a neutral! It is an easy way to tie together many hues into one outfit- all while creating a soft colour palette. I paired my blush crop top with an ashy grey trench and a pair of white cropped dress pants. I tied the look together with a pair of metallic blush loafers!







Get this look here: 

Blush Cropped Sweater: Aritzia

White Dress Pants: Aritzia

Grey Trench: Missguided

Metallic Loafers: Forever 21

Much love,

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