Dress Pants Dressed Down

Versatility is my number one reason to justify my purchase while shopping. I like to know that I will find more than one occasion and more than one way to style each item that I buy. Not only does it justify the dollar amount that you are spending, but it helps avoid “Fast Fashion” (Fast Fashion items are considered to be worn only 1.3 times before you throw them out!)

For instance, I like to know that the dress that I purchase for someone’s wedding can be worn in a more casual setting after the fact. Style tip: Take your formal dress from chic to street by layering an oversized sweater over top and matching it with black booties!

In the photos below, I have taken a dress pant from chic to street by styling them with a simple t-shirt and sneakers! Try this with any dress pant in your closet and you are bound for a casual, yet polished look!



Trousers | T-shirt | Sneakers | Glasses | Purse 

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