Making My House a Home

Nowadays, in downtown Vancouver, it is quite hard to find an apartment with character. It is even more impossible to find an apartment that truly feels like ‘home’ from the get-go. Throughout my experience living in under 1000 square foot apartments, I have come by some tips and tricks to make this transition from house to home that much easier!

Brighten It Up!

My fiancee Jay and I moved into our apartment a year and a half ago. At the time we moved in, it was, let’s say, “uninspiring”. For an apartment that has floor to ceiling windows, it was shocking how dark and uninviting it was. The walls were a brown and the rooms were lit with yellow bulbs making all of the rooms quite dull. That being said, our first line of attack was the base colours of the apartment. We decided to paint all of the walls a light grey with blue undertones, and all of the baseboards a crisp eggshell white. Yes, this was a week worth of painting (as we did it all ourselves with the help of Jay’s parents), but you would not believe the immediate difference it made. However, it made the yellow lighting that much more obvious. This one was a quick fix! We easily changed the lightbulbs to white Luminous LED bulbs (didn’t even have the change the light fixtures!).

Colour Splash

Once I brightened the base of my apartment up, I chose to throw some splashes of colours in to warm it up a bit! (After all, a grey and white apartment might be a little hospital chic). Keep in mind, colour trends change seasonally, so try and choose pieces that you can easily trade out in future months.

For our main living space, I chose to add in splashes of blush pink. I chose a large throw pillow, and two sets of fake flowers from Michaels.


For our solarium, I chose to add in splashes of teal. We found an amazing puff styled ottoman to match two vases and a photo frame of the same colour.

Pro tip: Notice how I only have 3-4 coloured items in each room? A little colour goes a long way to tie a room together! Especially since I plan on changing out these colours seasonally, it is good to not be wasteful and to not break the bank 😉  


Pieces Of Me And You 

Now that the colours of your apartment are aesthetically pleasing, you want to find a way to make your place unique from something you would see in a magazine or staged home. What is more unique than you and your memories? Find ways to pepper your personality and relationship throughout the apartment.

One of my favourite additions to our home is a painting that we have in our bedroom. A dear friend of mine, Sarah Lowry, painted this for Jay and I as a birthday present last year. This is the first thing I see when I wake up and it always reminds me I am safe at home. Find a piece of art that resonates with you and showcase it in your home!

Floating shelves were a life saver in our apartment. This was an easy way to showcase knickknacks that we had been collecting throughout the years and a great way to add some of that personality we talked about!

Pro tip: When you are placing your items on the floating shelves, make sure to place with the heights of the objects for a well balanced look. Too many items of the same height? Prop one of the items on top of a stack of books! 


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